These apple and Dijon burger are just the best.

Also went to the pool with the girl before work. It was so good, but I’m feeling hungry ever since.

Some gym action coming next week. Watch this space ;)

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This actually happened last night. After losing my drive to go to the gym I was looking into other things I could do, since I was craving exercising so badly. These guys offer something they call Ultimate fitness class.

So here is what we did:

- 15min jog, run sideways, jump etc. warm up.
- some air punches, squats and a shit load of jumping jacks
- Pyramid of 10-9-8….1 rounds of jumping squat, burpee, press up
- 2min time to die aka Rest. Honestly, I thought “that’s it, I’m done”. End then
- Pyramid 1-2…..10 with the same exercises
- 2min Rest
- some abs exercises with partner and medicine ball
- some stretching to finish off

That all lasted for an hour and was pretty hard, but for sure not as bad as I though after not exercising regularly for 3 month.

I’m sore today, again not as sore as I though I would be and feel very energised and happy. I’ll for sure go back for more :)

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Bianca [TEBA]
B: 1 - chocolate: 0

First day of not having sweets or chocolate is done.

I googled for a no chocolate sign, but they all looked so depressing. So I went for this pixilated monster.

Let’s make this a 2 for me by tomorrow morning.

B: 1 - chocolate: 0

First day of not having sweets or chocolate is done.

I googled for a no chocolate sign, but they all looked so depressing. So I went for this pixilated monster.

Let’s make this a 2 for me by tomorrow morning.

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That’s about half of my breakfast. The other half is in my belly already, so full.

So let’s do this, try and not eat any chocolates or sweets today. Mission accepted!

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It has been a few weeks since I cycled to work due to a cold and other excuses.

Today was the day :) it was sunny again and I opted for shorts instead of my waterproof trousers. Good decision otherwise I would have been boiled.

It was good to be on the bike again :)

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Sneak peak, got some more added to my tattoo last Friday. Apparently my arms are huge so there is still more room to the back of it and I’ll make another appointment to get it filled in summer.

Life recently has been very busy and things started to slip a little again. I thinks that’s what it’s all about, realising things are slipping and then correcting them as you go along.

Not sure what to post here either. On the health and fitness front nothing has really changed. I still try to cycle to work whenever I can and try not to fall face first into chocolate, it sometimes happens though. And I still really want to workout, but unless days magically start to have 32 hours this might not happen. Studies are still super busy and I need ever minute I can spare to fit it in while the Girl and I try to find a rhythm with work and living together.

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I’m still alive. The Girl and I couldn’t be bothered to do anything tonight, including food shopping and cooking, so we just ate out. My tummy is already not impressed.

She made me hold the sign. After she took the picture she told me that I look extremely skinning in it. I tend to agree.

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Sprinted for the bus

Guess what, I didn’t die and wasn’t so out of breath that I couldn’t talk to the driver to buy my ticket.

Feels good to be able to do it, even if I didn’t go for a run in ages (probably over a year) and haven’t seen a gym from the inside for some time either.

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Veggies with a side of chicken.

Left overs from last night. I think I miscalculated the amount of veggies. Oh well I ate them all, but couldn’t have my orange for dessert.

At the moment I mainly rely on my food choices to get where I want to be. I also try to commute by bike as much as I can, but that’s mostly to save on petrol and staying fit is only a side effect. I have even frozen my gym membership. My studies are really busy and I like to spend some time with the girl as well so I struggle to find time for the gym. Getting out of bed in the morning to go to the gym is so much harder when you don’t get much sleep and are snuggled up to someone.

I think I might try some martial arts classes at some point, but really there is so much else to do with my little time.

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We finally got round to make the stuffed peppers with sweet potato. It was so good! The Girl is a really good chef.
And the best part is that I’ll have some leftovers for lunch.

The last 1.5 weeks have been very mixed eating wise. Since I’ve been home one exception followed another. Yesterday I went back to the good stuff and I got all this being hungry and craving chocolate again. It’s totally not worth it to go off and stuff my face with everything, especially as my stomach goes bonkers, and then go through all the side effect of cleaning up my diet again. Maybe I should just try to not make too many exceptions again.

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